Installing HP-UX SysInfo

Download the depot file from The “Official” SysInfo Page

I copied the file to /tmp

root@hp-ux:/tmp # cd /tmp
root@hp-ux:/tmp # gunzip SysInfo.7.12a.depot.gz
root@hp-ux:/tmp # swinstall -s /tmp/SysInfo.7.12a.depot SysInfo

======= 08/30/13 13:47:52 EDT BEGIN swinstall SESSION
(non-interactive) (jobid=hp-ux-0259)

* Session started for user “root@hp-ux”.

* Beginning Selection
* Target connection succeeded for “hp-ux:/”.
* Source: /tmp/SysInfo.7.12a.depot
* Targets: hp-ux:/
* Software selections:
* Selection succeeded.
* Beginning Analysis and Execution
* Session selections have been saved in the file
* The analysis phase succeeded for “hp-ux:/”.
* The execution phase succeeded for “hp-ux:/”.
* Analysis and Execution succeeded.
NOTE: More information may be found in the agent logfile using the
command “swjob -a log hp-ux-0259 @ hp-ux:/”.

======= 08/30/13 13:48:08 EDT END swinstall SESSION (non-interactive)

You generate a text file with the -b flag or you can use -H to generate an HTML file

root@hp-ux:/tmp # /usr/bin/SysInfo -b

root@hp-ux:/tmp # /usr/bin/SysInfo -H

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