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How to remove Default Profile button that showed up in Google Chrome

You are horrified that this button have appeared.
Default Profile
To disable it, type in the address bar chrome://flags/#enable-new-avatar-menu and select Disabled
Default Profile Flags
Click on the Relaunch now button that showed on the botton of the screen.

TechCrunch lays the Google’s strategy in Japan

Here is why I think Google’s Strategy In Japan: Avoid Yahoo And Take Over The Mobile Web First will fail.

Softbank mobile phones have a Yahoo! key.

You can see from the Engadget pages about Softbank pages where they show a close up from the mobile phones where the key is located. Softbank being an investor in Yahoo! Japan has a huge leverage and I don’t think that being inside the operator/carrier menu will bring market share to Google.

Being a physical key in your phone is an advantage that can’t be dismissed because not everyone knows how to access every function of their mobile phone.