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TechCrunch lays the Google’s strategy in Japan

Here is why I think Google’s Strategy In Japan: Avoid Yahoo And Take Over The Mobile Web First will fail.

Softbank mobile phones have a Yahoo! key.

You can see from the Engadget pages about Softbank pages where they show a close up from the mobile phones where the key is located. Softbank being an investor in Yahoo! Japan has a huge leverage and I don’t think that being inside the operator/carrier menu will bring market share to Google.

Being a physical key in your phone is an advantage that can’t be dismissed because not everyone knows how to access every function of their mobile phone.

Samsung E215

Samsung released a new mobile phone here in Brazil officially called Samsung E215L. It is currently advertised as an exclusive item by Submarino (a brazilian online retailer) and I didn’t find anywhere mentioning about this mobile phone so I decided to post some information.

Samsung released a press release saying that it could be found July 2008 but it was released August 2008.

This is what the sales package has:

  • Samsung E215 phone
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Stereo earphone
  • 512MB MicroSD card
  • User guide
  • Warranty certificate

It features 19MB of internal memory, a VGA (640×480 pixels) camera, bluetooth and a memory slot to use up to 2GB MicroSD card.

Measuring 91 x 45 x 18mm and weighting 85g can be considered a small phone

The Samsung E215 is a quadriband phone and has an estimated 180 minutes of talk time and 250 standby time and retails for R$349,00.

Samsung E215 Box cover - Top
Samsung E215 Box cover - top front
Samsung E215 - Front closed
Samsung E215 - Front open
Samsung E215 - Battery Cover
Samsung E215 compared with a credit card
Samsung E215 - Left side
Samsung E215 - Right side