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Linux server with “vpath” disks

I recently saw a Linux server connected to an IBM storage with a “vpath” disk. It is because the server uses IBM Subsystem Device Driver.

Reading the IBM System Storage Multipath Subsystem Device Driver (SDD) User’s Guide, I figured how to check the disks

root@linux:~ # datapath query device

Total Devices : 47

DEV#: 0 DEVICE NAME: vpathb TYPE: 2145 POLICY: Optimized Sequential
SERIAL: 600507680191818c1000000000000304
Path# Adapter/Hard Disk State Mode Select Errors
0 Host0Channel0/sda OPEN NORMAL 2059 0
1 Host0Channel0/sday OPEN NORMAL 3761 0
2 Host0Channel0/sdcw OPEN NORMAL 0 0
3 Host0Channel0/sdeu OPEN NORMAL 0 0
4 Host1Channel0/sdgs OPEN NORMAL 3122 0
5 Host1Channel0/sdiq OPEN NORMAL 2949 0
6 Host1Channel0/sdko OPEN NORMAL 0 0
7 Host1Channel0/sdmm OPEN NORMAL 0 0


Problem with HMC – rebooting

hscroot@localhost:~> vtmenu

Retrieving name of managed system(s) . . . 10D400C

Partitions On Managed System: 10D400C
1) LPAR1 Not Available:
2) LPAR2 Not Available:

Enter Number of Running Partition (q to quit): q


The server with the two LPAR partitions were shut down due to a electric maintenance. I tried to start the partitions but I was having this problem:

hscroot@localhost:~> chsysstate -r lpar -m 10D400C -o on -n LPAR1
Unable to lock the Service Processor. Perform one of the following steps: (1) Check serial cable connection; (2) Check if another Console is communicating with the Service Processor; (3) Perform the Release Lock task; (4) Perform Rebuild task to re-establish the connection.

I tried again and I got a different error.

hscroot@localhost:~> chsysstate -r lpar -m 10D400C -o on -n LPAR1
Command sent to Service Processor failed. Error Response 4.

To reboot the IBM HMC, type the command below

hscroot@localhost:~> hmcshutdown -t now -r

Broadcast message from root (Sun Jun 6 08:35:38 2010):

The system is going down for reboot NOW!

I had problems with the reboot and asked to power off and power on the HMC. After that I had no more problems.

Reinstaling Tivoli Data Protection for Oracle on Solaris SPARC

root@sol10sparc:~ # pkginfo -l TDPOrc64
NAME:  IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Databases – Oracle 64-bit Solaris 8/9/10
CATEGORY:  application
ARCH:  sparc
VERSION:  Version 5 Release 3 Level 3
BASEDIR:  /opt/tivoli/tsm/client
PSTAMP:  2006.167.17:10:16
INSTDATE:  Oct 09 2008 22:09
STATUS:  completely installed
FILES:        8 installed pathnames
2 shared pathnames
3 directories
4 executables
4420 blocks used (approx)

When you remove the Tivoli Data Protection for Oracle using pkgrm and you try to reinstall, you’ll notice that it will say that the install size will be 11 MBs but in reality it installs only 6 MBs. You need to uninstall it using a uninstaller script that comes with the package. After you run the uninstall script, you can run the installer script and it will install the 11 MBs.

root@sol10sparc:~ # /opt/tivoli/tsm/client/oracle/_uninst/uninstaller.bin

Download IBM WebSM for HMC v6

To download the Web Based System Manager client you simply open a browser window and type the URL http://<ip address of your HMC>/remote_client.html.

To check the version of your HMC, type lshmc -V

hscroot@localhost:~> lshmc -V
“version= Version: 6
Release: 1.2
HMC Build level 20070201.1
MH00985: Miscellaneous fixes for HMC V6 (04-15-2007)

The Hardware Management Console v7 has web access, so you don’t need to install a client to use it.

Getting console access using IBM HMC v6 Command Line

To get a console access through a remote connection, first ssh to the HMC

emerson@shellcore:~ $ ssh hscroot@hmc6

Then type vtmenu. It will retrieve all the physical servers connected and that can be managed by the HMC.

hscroot@localhost:~> vtmenu

Retrieving name of managed system(s) . . . Server-9117-570-SN103CBBB 2-Server-9117-570-SN103CABB Server-9117-570-SN069D5BF Server-9119-595-SN8211572

Managed Systems:
1) Server-9117-570-SN103CBBB
2) 2-Server-9117-570-SN103CABB
3) Server-9117-570-SN069D5BF
4) Server-9119-595-SN8211572

Enter Number of Managed System. (q to quit): 1

You choose one of the managed servers and then it will show all LPARs available on that physical server.

Partitions On Managed System:  Server-9117-570-SN103CBBB
OS/400 Partitions not listed
1)    LPAR1                                   Running
2)    LPAR2                                   Running
3)    LPAR3                                   Running

After you selected which LPAR you will control, you will be shown the login screen
Open in progress..

Open Completed.

AIX Version 5
Copyright IBM Corporation, 1982, 2008.
Console login:

To exit you type tilde, space, tilde, space, dot.

~ ~ .

So, how does Lotus Symphony looks like?

IBM released Lotus Symphony, an office suite built with the Eclipse Rich Client Platform for its User Interface and Open Office for the back end office code.

So, how does Lotus Symphony looks like? I don’t know, since the demo requires me to disable my pop-up blocker and try again. Hmmm, I’m not disabling or whitelisting any site to see a demo that I have little interest so I contacted IBM and sent them a message:

Could you make the Lotus Symphony Tour to not open a pop-up window?

I’m not disabling my pop-up blocker to see this product demo (which I still don’t know what’s different from OpenOffice).

If IBM decides to reconsider the approach for the Lotus Symphony demo, let me know through the email address provided.

Emerson Seiti Takahashi

Let’s wait and hope that IBM let me control the way that I view websites.