Problem with HMC – rebooting

hscroot@localhost:~> vtmenu

Retrieving name of managed system(s) . . . 10D400C

Partitions On Managed System: 10D400C
1) LPAR1 Not Available:
2) LPAR2 Not Available:

Enter Number of Running Partition (q to quit): q


The server with the two LPAR partitions were shut down due to a electric maintenance. I tried to start the partitions but I was having this problem:

hscroot@localhost:~> chsysstate -r lpar -m 10D400C -o on -n LPAR1
Unable to lock the Service Processor. Perform one of the following steps: (1) Check serial cable connection; (2) Check if another Console is communicating with the Service Processor; (3) Perform the Release Lock task; (4) Perform Rebuild task to re-establish the connection.

I tried again and I got a different error.

hscroot@localhost:~> chsysstate -r lpar -m 10D400C -o on -n LPAR1
Command sent to Service Processor failed. Error Response 4.

To reboot the IBM HMC, type the command below

hscroot@localhost:~> hmcshutdown -t now -r

Broadcast message from root (Sun Jun 6 08:35:38 2010):

The system is going down for reboot NOW!

I had problems with the reboot and asked to power off and power on the HMC. After that I had no more problems.