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Gridzones – Web Hosting Review

This site is currently hosted at Gridzones. I purchased a VPS-1 plan, which is not available anymore.

There aren’t many reviews out there reviewing their service, so what’s their reputation? Gridzones is listed at BigAdmin portal and is based in Seattle. The uptime is close to 5 9s and they promised a minimum of 64MB of RAM memory for me and that’s why I was interested. I heard that webhosting companies are overselling their shared accounts, putting too many customers on a server.

Apparently it is a small company, since I got a response from the CEO for a sales question that I made. The question was  How much I will be charged if I use all my bandwidth in Solaris 10 VPS-1 (or all plans – thinking about future expansion)?  Bandwidth is $0.50/GB over the quota for your VPS.

The support tickets have a SLA of 24 hours and my four tickets were responded on time. My opinion: so far so good.