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16 Core Processor: Upgrade from AMD Opteron 6100 Series to Upcoming “Interlagos”

Cray Upgrades “Kraken” Supercomputer with Six-Core AMD Opteron Processors

The third Supercomputer according to the Top 500 List is getting a CPU upgrade by Cray. The AMD Quad-Core processors are being replaced by Six-Core processors without having to replace any board.

How to access the Baseboard Management Controller on Sun servers

I was looking a way to access the SC within Solaris and I found that there is three commands to do it. They are: rscadm , scadm and lom. It depends of which server do you have and which software is providing the lights out management.

Here is a list of servers and their respective lights out management software – not sure if all lights out software can be used with rscadm, scadm or lom:


  • Sun Netra X1
  • Sun Netra T1400/1405
  • Sun Netra T1 AC200
  • Sun Netra T1 DC200
  • Sun Fire V100
  • Sun Fire V120
  • Sun Fire E2900
  • Sun Netra 20
  • Sun Fire V1280

ALOM – Advanced Lights Out Manager

  • Sun Fire V125
  • Sun Fire V210
  • Sun Fire V215
  • Sun Fire V240
  • Sun Fire V245
  • Sun Fire V250
  • Sun Fire V440
  • Sun Fire V445

ALOM4v – Advanced Lights Out Manager

  • Sun Fire T1000
  • Sun Fire T2000
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise T1000
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise T2000
  • Sun Netra T2000

ILOM – Integrated Lights Out Manager

  • Sun Fire X4100
  • Sun Fire X4200
  • Sun Fire X4500
  • Sun Fire X4600
  • Sun Fire X4100 M2
  • Sun Fire X4200 M2
  • Sun Fire X4600 M2
  • Sun Blade 6000
  • Sun Blade 8000
  • Sun Netra X4200 M2
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise T5120
  • Sun SPARC Enterprise T5220

ELOM – Embedded Lights Out Management

  • Sun Fire X2100 M2
  • Sun Fire X2200 M2

RSC – Remote System Control

  • Sun Fire V890
  • Sun Fire V490
  • Sun Fire V880
  • Sun Fire V480
  • Sun Fire 280R
  • Sun Enterprise 250


  • Sun Fire V20z
  • Sun Fire V40z

Here is an example to show the network settings using rscadm:

root@localhost:/ # /usr/platform/`uname -i`/rsc/rscadm shownetwork
IP Address:
Gateway address:
Ethernet address: 00:03:ba:8c:55:73

And with scadm:

root@localhost:/ # /usr/platform/`uname -i`/sbin/scadm shownetwork
IP Address:
Gateway address:
Ethernet address: 00:14:4f:2b:90:09

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