Display the status of a tape drive on Solaris

root@solaris:/ # luxadm probe
No Network Array enclosures found in /dev/es

Found Fibre Channel device(s):
(Removed to show only the tape devices)
Node WWN:500104f0009429c3 Device Type:Tape device
Logical Path:/dev/rmt/0n
Node WWN:500104f0009429c6 Device Type:Tape device
Logical Path:/dev/rmt/7n
Node WWN:500104f0009429c9 Device Type:Tape device
Logical Path:/dev/rmt/9n
Node WWN:500104f0009429cc Device Type:Tape device
Logical Path:/dev/rmt/11n

This drive showed the status of the tape drive

root@solaris:/ # mt -f /dev/rmt/7n status
HP Ultrium LTO 3 tape drive:
sense key(0x0)= No Additional Sense residual= 0 retries= 0
file no= 0 block no= 0

This drive shows that no tape is loaded or the drive is offline.

root@solaris:/ # mt -f /dev/rmt/9n status
/dev/rmt/9n: no tape loaded or drive offline

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