So, how does Lotus Symphony looks like?

IBM released Lotus Symphony, an office suite built with the Eclipse Rich Client Platform for its User Interface and Open Office for the back end office code.

So, how does Lotus Symphony looks like? I don’t know, since the demo requires me to disable my pop-up blocker and try again. Hmmm, I’m not disabling or whitelisting any site to see a demo that I have little interest so I contacted IBM and sent them a message:

Could you make the Lotus Symphony Tour to not open a pop-up window?

I’m not disabling my pop-up blocker to see this product demo (which I still don’t know what’s different from OpenOffice).

If IBM decides to reconsider the approach for the Lotus Symphony demo, let me know through the email address provided.

Emerson Seiti Takahashi

Let’s wait and hope that IBM let me control the way that I view websites.