Getting console access using IBM HMC v6 Command Line

To get a console access through a remote connection, first ssh to the HMC

emerson@shellcore:~ $ ssh hscroot@hmc6

Then type vtmenu. It will retrieve all the physical servers connected and that can be managed by the HMC.

hscroot@localhost:~> vtmenu

Retrieving name of managed system(s) . . . Server-9117-570-SN103CBBB 2-Server-9117-570-SN103CABB Server-9117-570-SN069D5BF Server-9119-595-SN8211572

Managed Systems:
1) Server-9117-570-SN103CBBB
2) 2-Server-9117-570-SN103CABB
3) Server-9117-570-SN069D5BF
4) Server-9119-595-SN8211572

Enter Number of Managed System. (q to quit): 1

You choose one of the managed servers and then it will show all LPARs available on that physical server.

Partitions On Managed System:  Server-9117-570-SN103CBBB
OS/400 Partitions not listed
1)    LPAR1                                   Running
2)    LPAR2                                   Running
3)    LPAR3                                   Running

After you selected which LPAR you will control, you will be shown the login screen
Open in progress..

Open Completed.

AIX Version 5
Copyright IBM Corporation, 1982, 2008.
Console login:

To exit you type tilde, space, tilde, space, dot.

~ ~ .