Discover the IP address of ILO in a HP Integrity server

Example from an HP Integrity RX2660

root@hp-ux:~ # /opt/propplus/bin/cprop -detail -c “Management Processor”

[Component]: Management Processor
[Table]: Management Processor
[Hash ID]: Management Processor:635bdafbx146dde57
< ClassName:HP_ManagementProcessor NameSpace:root/cimv2 >
[ControllerType]: Unknown
[Dedicated]: Management
[CreationClassName]: HP_ManagementProcessor
[Name]: Management Processor
[EnabledState]: Enabled
[OperationalStatus]: OK
[FirmwareRevision]: F.002.026.000
[LEDColour]: 0
[LEDBlinkRate]: 0
[NICCondition]: 2

This following example is a little different. This is to reset a GSP for HP 9000 rp5400 (L1000) Server

root@hp-ux_pa-risc:~ # ioscan -fnC tty
Class I H/W Path Driver S/W State H/W Type Description
tty 0 0/0/4/0 asio0 CLAIMED INTERFACE PCI Serial (103c1048)
/dev/GSPdiag1 /dev/mux0 /dev/tty0p1
/dev/diag/mux0 /dev/tty0p0 /dev/tty0p2
tty 1 0/0/5/0 asio0 CLAIMED INTERFACE PCI Serial (103c1048)
/dev/GSPdiag2 /dev/diag/mux1 /dev/mux1 /dev/tty1p1

root@hp-ux_pa:~ # stty +queryGSP < /dev/GSPdiag1
GSP is functional.

root@hp-ux_pa:~ # stty +resetGSP < /dev/GSPdiag1
GSP reset succeeded.