Connecting to HP iLO using the command line

Just ssh to the IP that you configured the iLO

emerson@shellcore:~ $ ssh emerson@
emerson@’s password:
User:Emerson Takahashi logged-in to ILO_TESTLABHP.(
iLO 2 Advanced Evaluation 1.81 at 11:05:47 Jan 15 2010
Server Name: proliant_g5
Server Power: On


Since I will access through a text terminal, Linux is configured to use the serial port (configured through the file /boot/grub/grub.conf)

hpiLO-> help


help : Used to get context sensitive help.
show : Used to show values of a property or contents of a collection target.
create : Used to create new user account in the name space of the MAP.
Example: create /map1/accounts1 username= password=

delete : Used to delete user account in the name space of the MAP.
Example: delete /map1/accounts1/

load : Used to move a binary image from an URL to the MAP. The URL is
limited to 80 characters
Example : load -source

reset : Used to cause a target to cycle from enabled to disabled and back to

set : Used to set a property or set of properties to a specific value.
start : Used to cause a target to change state to a higher run level.
stop : Used to cause a target to change state to a lower run level.
cd : Used to set the current default target.
Example: cd targetname

exit : Used to terminate the CLP session.
version : Used to query the version of the CLP implementation or other CLP

oemhp_ping : Used to determine if an IP address is reachable from this iLO 2.
Example : oemhp_ping , where is the IP address that you wish
to ping

oemhp_loadSSHKey : Used to authorize a SSH Key File from an URL The URL is
limited to 80 characters
Example : oemhp_loadSSHKey -source http://UserName:password@

HP CLI Commands:

POWER : Control server power.
UID : Control Unit-ID light.
NMI : Generate an NMI.
VM : Virtual media commands.
VSP : Invoke virtual serial port.

Type VSP and you’re in. To login as root you need to include the serial port (in this case ttyS1) on your /etc/securetty file or you will be given the error message that your user or password is wrong.

hpiLO-> VSP

Starting virtual serial port.
Press ‘ESC (‘ to return to the CLI Session.

hpiLO-> Virtual Serial Port active: IO=0x02F8 INT=3

login as:

To exit, press Esc and then ( – left parenthesis

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