Error when updating iLO2 in HP Proliant

Tried to update iLO2 but when I ran the scexe file it gave me an error message

root@suse10:/tmp # ./CP025666.scexe

FLASH_iLO2 v1.12 for Linux (Aug 31 2009)
Copyright 2009 Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.
Firmware image: ilo2_227.bin

ERROR: Make sure hp Lights-Out driver is installed and loaded. Also, execute the utility as ‘root’. []

Component XML file: CP025666.xml
CP025666.xml reports firmware version 2.27

***Flash firmware using channel interface has failed. Try direct flash next…

***Note: This operation will flash the firmware on the
iLO 2 in this server with version “2.27”.
This operation requires following condition(s) be met:
1. iLO 2 Security Override Switch must be set.
Continue (y/N)? y
Trying to reset V850E
Trying to reset V850E
Trying to reset V850E
Trying to reset V850E

The solution was to extract the .bin file and then update iLO 2 through the web interface with the .bin file

root@suse10:/tmp # ./CP025666.scexe –unpack=/tmp