/stand/bootconf is INCORRECT

You ran Sysinfo but received the message /stand/bootconf is INCORRECT, you need to edit the file /stand/bootconf to add the missing disk according to your configuration

=== START /stand/bootconf contents ===

l /dev/disk/disk2_p2

=== END /stand/bootconf contents ===

/stand/bootconf is missing an entry for /dev/disk/disk3_p2
– /stand/bootconf is INCORRECT and should contain the lines:

l /dev/disk/disk2_p2
l /dev/disk/disk3_p2

=== END Bootconf Data ===

The file /stand/bootconf must have both boot disks if your system is mirrored

root@hp-ux:~ # cat /stand/bootconf
l /dev/disk/disk2_p2

To verify which disk/partition is missing, type lvlnboot -v

root@hp-ux:~ # lvlnboot -v
Boot Definitions for Volume Group /dev/vg00:
Physical Volumes belonging in Root Volume Group:
/dev/disk/disk2_p2 — Boot Disk
/dev/disk/disk3_p2 — Boot Disk
Boot: lvol1 on: /dev/disk/disk2_p2
Root: lvol3 on: /dev/disk/disk2_p2
Swap: lvol2 on: /dev/disk/disk2_p2
Dump: lvol2 on: /dev/disk/disk2_p2, 0

To update this file, you can simply edit the file

root@hp-ux:~ # vi /stand/bootconf
l /dev/disk/disk2_p2
l /dev/disk/disk3_p2