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Discovering new disks in a Solaris server with QLogic HBA

This server is using the QLogic’s FC driver and not the usual Sun’s driver.

root@solaris9:~ # modinfo | grep ql
25  12beb8f  83803 281   1  qla2300 (QLogic FC Driver v4.18)
307 7876c000  17e6f 280   1  qlog (VxQLOG 4.1_REV-4.1B18_sol_GA_s1)

To discover the new LUNs attached, use the qlreconfig utility

root@solaris9:~ # /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig -d qla2300 -v

*****                     *****
*****    W A R N I N G    *****
*****                     *****


This utility updates the driver configuration parameters
on an live system.  Extreme care MUST be taken to insure
that the specified parameters are correct for this system.
Failure to do so may render this system unusable, and/or
panic the system.

This utility utilizes the devfsadm utility, which depending on
the system and the number of devices, may take some time to

Do you wish to continue (y/n)? y
Dec 16 14:50:47  /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig: starting execution
Dec 16 14:50:47  /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig: utility verson is: 1.01
Dec 16 14:50:47  /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig: driver version: 4.18
Dec 16 14:50:47  /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig: os level is: 9
Dec 16 14:50:47  /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig: system call checks done
Dec 16 14:50:47  /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig: Found qla2300 driver ioctl device path at: ‘/devices/pci@1e,600000/SUNW,qlc@2:devctl’
Dec 16 14:50:47  /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig: buffer allocated and populated
Dec 16 14:50:47  /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig: finished with /usr/bin/pkill call
Dec 16 14:50:47  /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig: calling driver ioctl
Dec 16 14:50:48  /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig: ioctl OK — status is: 0; detail status is 0
Dec 16 14:50:48  /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig: finished with driver call
Dec 16 14:50:48  /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig: starting /usr/sbin/devfsadm call
Dec 16 14:51:15  /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig: finished with /usr/sbin/devfsadm call
Dec 16 14:51:15  /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig: starting /usr/sbin/update_drv call
Dec 16 14:51:25  /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig: finished with /usr/sbin/update_drv call
Dec 16 14:51:25  /opt/QLogic_Corporation/drvutil/qla2300/qlreconfig: finished