HP Data Protector error: [12:1625] Import host failed.

root@hp-ux:~ # omnicc -import_host suse11host.bkp
[12:1625] Import host failed.

The host information cannot be added/updated in the Cell Manager configuration file.

* Please check that the Data Protector services on the Cell Manager computer are running.
* Also check that Data Protector Inet service on the remote computer is running
(use: telnet 5555 to see if the service responds).
* Make sure that the remote client is not already part of another cell.
Afterwards use Data Protector GUI or omnicc -import_host command to manually import
the client to the selected Cell Manager.
* On NetWare make sure Data Protector directory structure is created properly
(check that directory SYS:USR\OMNI\CONFIG\CLIENT exists) or check that
localhost ( entry exists in SYS:ETC\HOSTS file for servers
not using DNS IP address resolution.

[12:1051] Client security violation. Access denied.
, error=1625

Verify if file /etc/opt/omni/client/allow_hosts exists and if there is any content. Modify accordingly to your servers.

Also verify the log file from the inetd to verify the error

root@linux:/etc/xinetd.d # cat omni
service omni
socket_type = stream
protocol = tcp
wait = no
user = root
server = /opt/omni/lbin/inet
server_args = inet -log /var/opt/omni/log/inet.log
disable = no

instances = UNLIMITED
per_source = UNLIMITED

root@linux:~ # tail /var/opt/omni/log/inet.log
10/14/14 14:52:38 INET.20969.0 [“/inet/allow_deny.c $Rev: 29682 $ $Date:: 2012-03-15 19:42:59”:490] A.06.20 b409
A request 0 (INCLUDE) came from host hp-ux ( which is not in AllowList: not proceeding with this request!
[Critical] From: INET@linux “” Time: 10/14/14 14:52:38
[12:1051] Client security violation. Access denied.