UXMON: Service /application/pkg/zones-proxy-client status is maintenance, check with svcs -xv

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Node : localzone.setaoffice.com
Node Type : Sun SPARC (HTTPS)
Severity : minor
OM Server Time: 2017-09-24 22:32:27
Message : UXMON: Service /application/pkg/zones-proxy-client status is maintenance, check with svcs -xv
Msg Group : OS
Application : svcsmon
Object : svcs
Event Type :

Instance Name :

Instruction : The svcsmon has detected solaris service status

Please, for details, browse the /var/opt/OV/log/OpC/svcs_mon.log
The configuration file uses to be /var/opt/OV/conf/OpC/svcs_mon.cfg

On global zone

root@globalzone:~ # pkg publisher
solaris origin online F file:///net/
solaris origin online F file:///var/scmuidrs/idr2142.1.p5p/
solaris origin online F file:///var/scmuidrs/idr2160.2.p5p/
solaris origin online F file:///var/scmuidrs/idr2193.2.p5p/
solaris origin online F file:///var/scmuidrs/idr2194.1.p5p/
solaris origin online F file:///var/scmuidrs/idr2238.1.p5p/
exa-family origin online F file:///net/
ha-cluster origin online F file:///net/

root@globalzone:~ # svcadm disable zones-proxyd system-repository; svcadm enable system-repository zones-proxyd; sleep 30
root@globalzone:~ #

On local zone

root@localzone:~# svcs -a | grep /application/pkg/zones-proxy-client
maintenance 8:08:15 svc:/application/pkg/zones-proxy-client:default

root@localzone:~# svcadm disable svc:/application/pkg/zones-proxy-client:default

root@localzone:~# svcadm enable svc:/application/pkg/zones-proxy-client:default

root@localzone:~# svcs -a | grep /application/pkg/zones-proxy-client
online 14:09:45 svc:/application/pkg/zones-proxy-client:default