iLO 4 Embedded Flash/SD-CARD Embedded media manager failed media attach

iLO 4 was presenting the message: Embedded Flash/SD-CARD Embedded media manager failed media attach.

I’ve updated iLO 4 to v 2.70 and then performed the following procedure

Advisory: (Revision) HPE Integrated Lights-Out 4 (iLO 4) – How to Format the NAND Used to Store AHS logs, OneView Profiles, and Intelligent Provisioning

Created a file Force_Format.xml

root@linux:~ # vi Force_Format.xml
<LOGIN USER_LOGIN=”adminname” PASSWORD=”password”>
<RIB_INFO MODE=”write”>

Run hponcfg -f Force_Format.xml

root@linux:~ # hponcfg -f Force_Format.xml -l log.txt
HP Lights-Out Online Configuration utility
Version 4.6.0 Date 09/28/2015 (c) Hewlett-Packard Company, 2015
Firmware Revision = 2.70 Device type = iLO 4 Driver name = hpilo
Script succeeded

Then I reset ILO through the web interface