HPOM – Checking fmadm faulty and there is a pool without name

Node :
Node Type : Sun SPARC (HTTPS)
Severity : major
OM Server Time: 2018-02-06 11:11:01
Message : UXMON: [ID 377184 daemon.error] SUNW-MSG-ID: ZFS-8000-D3, TYPE: Fault, VER: 1, SEVERITY: Major
Msg Group : OS
Application : SOL_mon
Object : FMT
Event Type :

Instance Name :

Instruction : “The Fault Management agent has identified a HW or OS related problem with the severity presented by the ticket.
The problem(s) can be viewed and managed with the command – fmdump
To get a better understanding of the problem and on how to resolve it, locate the event that generated
the ticket in the syslog file /var/adm/messages, a URL will be found (,
follow the link using your Oracle portal account for instructions.”
EventDataSource :

Checking fmadm faulty I see a pool without a name

root@sc02-app03:~# fmadm faulty
————— ———————————— ————– ———
————— ———————————— ————– ———
Feb 06 15:59:15 4577aa7a-2b00-6eb6-f139-bf2848542fb2 ZFS-8000-HC Major

Problem Status : open
Diag Engine : zfs-diagnosis / 1.0
Manufacturer : unknown
Name : –
Part_Number : unknown
Serial_Number : unknown

System Component
Manufacturer : Oracle-Corporation
Name : ORCL,SPARC-T5-8
Part_Number : unknown
Serial_Number : unknown
Host_ID : (null)

Suspect 1 of 1 :
Problem class : fault.fs.zfs.io_failure_wait
Certainty : 100%
Affects : zfs://pool=9fbf9b5d11236d0a
Status : faulted but still in service

FMRI : “zfs://pool=9fbf9b5d11236d0a”
Status : faulted but still in service

Description : ZFS pool ” has experienced currently unrecoverable I/O failures.

Response : No automated response will occur.

Impact : Read and write I/Os cannot be serviced.

Action : Use ‘fmadm faulty’ to provide a more detailed view of this event.
Make sure the affected devices are connected, then run ‘zpool
clear’. Please refer to the associated reference document at for the latest service
procedures and policies regarding this diagnosis.

To solve this problem, you need to reboot the server

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