Solaris 10 – LUN expansion not showing the new size

I did the following: entered the format utility and chose type

root@solaris10:/ # format c8t6005076308FFC2A70000000000001143d0
selecting c8t6005076308FFC2A70000000000001143d0
[disk formatted]

disk – select a disk
type – select (define) a disk type
partition – select (define) a partition table
current – describe the current disk
format – format and analyze the disk
repair – repair a defective sector
label – write label to the disk
analyze – surface analysis
defect – defect list management
backup – search for backup labels
verify – read and display labels
save – save new disk/partition definitions
inquiry – show vendor, product and revision
volname – set 8-character volume name
! – execute , then return
format> t

Selected 0 to Auto configure

0. Auto configure
1. Quantum ProDrive 80S
2. Quantum ProDrive 105S
3. CDC Wren IV 94171-344
4. SUN0104
5. SUN0207
6. SUN0327
7. SUN0340
8. SUN0424
9. SUN0535
10. SUN0669
11. SUN1.0G
12. SUN1.05
13. SUN1.3G
14. SUN2.1G
15. SUN2.9G
16. Zip 100
17. Zip 250
18. Peerless 10GB
19. IBM-2107900-.600
20. other
Specify disk type (enter its number)[19]: 0

After selecting to autoconfigure it was showing the new size and then it was labeled

c8t6005076308FFC2A70000000000001143d0: configured with capacity of 200.98GB
<IBM-2107900-.600 cyl 25726 alt 2 hd 64 sec 256>
selecting c8t6005076308FFC2A70000000000001143d0
[disk formatted]
format> l
Ready to label disk, continue? y

You can also take a look at this procedure to perform – Getting the Solaris format utility to work with an expanded LUN