HPOM – UXMON: The number of Open LV and Current LV is different for VG: rootvg

Node : linux.setaoffice.com
Node Type : Intel/AMD x64(HTTPS)
Severity : major
OM Server Time: 2014-08-15 15:46:22
Message : UXMON: The number of Open LV and Current LV is different for VG: rootvg
Msg Group : OS
Application : volmon
Object : LV
Event Type :

Instance Name :

Instruction : The module VOLMON has detected an inconsistence between the number of LV and the number
of current LV. Please make some UX expert verify this inconsistence due there is a risk
of data corruption

Verify the volume group described in the alarm

root@linux:~ # vgdisplay rootvg
— Volume group —
VG Name rootvg
System ID
Format lvm2
Metadata Areas 1
Metadata Sequence No 13
VG Access read/write
VG Status resizable
Cur LV 12
Open LV 11
Max PV 0
Cur PV 1
Act PV 1
VG Size 273.12 GB
PE Size 32.00 MB
Total PE 8740
Alloc PE / Size 6343 / 198.22 GB
Free PE / Size 2397 / 74.91 GB
VG UUID slQEGO-0Ly3-vfXf-1GaD-Kb1O-hoOa-4qkKyH

The number of Current Logical Volues is different from the number of Open Logical Volumes. Verify if there is an unmounted logical volume.

If you want to exclude this check, edit /var/opt/OV/conf/OpC/vol_mon.cfg

root@linux:~ # vi /var/opt/OV/conf/OpC/vol_mon.cfg
exclude_lv_no_check rootvg