HP-UX – Import a volume group

To import a volume group in HP-UX you need to specify the disks that are part of this volume group. In the example below, the volume group only has one disk

root@hp-ux:/# vgimport /dev/vgomni /dev/disk/disk22
vgimport: Volume group “/dev/vgomni” has been successfully created.
Warning: A backup of this volume group may not exist on this machine.
Please remember to take a backup using the vgcfgbackup command after activating the volume group.

After activacting the volume groups

root@hp-ux:/# vgchange -a y
Volume group “/dev/vg00” is already active on this system.
Activated volume group.
Volume group “/dev/vgomni” has been successfully changed.

And I took a backup of the volume group configuration

root@hp-ux:/# vgcfgbackup /dev/vgomni
Volume Group configuration for /dev/vgomni has been saved in /etc/lvmconf/vgomni.conf