HP-UX server information – Seeing how much memory is installed

I ran the command machinfo to check how much RAM memory this server has

root@hp-ux:/ # machinfo
CPU info:
2 Intel(R) Itanium 2 9100 series processors (1.67 GHz, 18 MB)
666 MT/s bus, CPU version A1
4 logical processors (2 per socket)

Memory: 8168 MB (7.98 GB)

Firmware info:
Firmware revision: 04.11
FP SWA driver revision: 1.18
IPMI is supported on this system.
BMC firmware revision: 5.25

Platform info:
Model: “ia64 hp server rx2660”
Machine ID number: b4b50b0f-9557-11df-9535-ac28e7df9788
Machine serial number: USE3650L39

OS info:
Nodename: hp-ux
Release: HP-UX B.11.31
Version: U (unlimited-user license)
Machine: ia64
ID Number: 3031763727
vmunix _release_version:
@(#) $Revision: vmunix: B.11.31_LR FLAVOR=perf