HP OpenView Error: ovomanagementserver.hp.com: (bbc-289) status=eSSLError time= (above 10000 ms)

The HTTPS Operation Agent has been installed on a remote node and certificates correctly granted. Checking the connectivity with the bbcutil command for encrypted communication leads to the following error when executed on each side, agent or server:

root@linux:~ # /opt/OV/bin/bbcutil -ping ovomanagementserver.omc.hp.com

ovomanagementserver.hp.com: (bbc-289) status=eSSLError time=19609 ms

root@linux:~ # /opt/OV/bin/bbcutil -ping http://ovomanagementserver.hp.com

http://ovomanagementserver.hp.com: status=eServiceOK
bbcV=06.21.501 appN=ovbbccb appV=06.21.501
conn=1521 time=86 ms

As the non-encrypted communication does not fail, the problem should be tied only to the SSL chain. Looking at the output of the “bbcutil” command reveals that the time it takes trying to contact this node (19609 ms) is above the default timeout defined for the SSL Handshake process which is 10 seconds.

Increasing the SSL Handshake Timeout period to a higher value, clears the situation. Use the following command in both sides, server and agent, to increase the value to 5 minutes:

# ovconfchg -ns bbc.http -set SSL_HANDSHAKE_TIMEOUT 300000

Source: http://h30499.www3.hp.com/hpeb/attachments/hpeb/itrc-162/119064/1/356770.pdf