Creating and removing a logical volume in AIX

I had several logical volumes that were presenting a weird error

root@aix:/ # rmlvcopy lvpooldom01001 1
0516-622 rmlvcopy: Warning, cannot write lv control block data.

I tried to migrate the logical volume off the disk

root@cvrdalebk01:/ # migratepv -l lvpooldom01001 hdisk3
0516-076 lmigratelv: Cannot remove last good copy of stale partition.
Resynchronize the partitions with syncvg and try again.
0516-812 migratepv: Warning, migratepv did not completely succeed;
all physical partitions have not been moved off the PV.

But it was not completed successfully

root@aix:/ # lsvg -l tsm01vg
lvtsm jfs2 32 32 1 open/syncd /tsm
loglv00 jfs2log 1 1 1 open/syncd N/A
lvtsmdborig01 jfs 512 512 1 open/syncd N/A
lvtsmdborig02 jfs 512 512 1 open/syncd N/A
lvtsmlogorig01 jfs 256 256 1 open/syncd N/A
lvtsmdbmirr01 jfs 512 512 1 open/syncd N/A
lvtsmdbmirr02 jfs 512 512 1 open/syncd N/A
lvtsmlogmirr01 jfs 256 256 1 open/syncd N/A
0516-1147 : Warning – logical volume lvpooldom01001 may be partially mirrored.
lvpooldom01001 raw 512 666 11 closed/stale N/A

So I ended up removing the logical volumes

root@aix:/ # rmlv lvpooldom01001
Warning, all data contained on logical volume lvpooldom01001 will be destroyed.
rmlv: Do you wish to continue? y(es) n(o)? y
rmlv: Logical volume lvpooldom01001 is removed.
root@aix:/ # rmlv -f lvpooldom01003
rmlv: Logical volume lvpooldom01003 is removed.
root@aix:/ # rmlv -f lvpooldom01004
rmlv: Logical volume lvpooldom01004 is removed.
root@aix:/ # rmlv -f lvpooldom01005
rmlv: Logical volume lvpooldom01005 is removed.

And then recreating them

root@aix:/ # mklv -t raw -y lvpooldom01001 tsm01vg 512

Here is the status. No warning was displayed

root@aix:/ # lsvg -l tsm01vg | grep lvpooldom01001
lvpooldom01001 raw 512 512 1 closed/syncd N/A