Growing a soft partition and resizing filesystem in Solaris Volume Manager

I need to increase the filesystem called /bkp

root@solaris:~ # df -h /bkp
Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on
/dev/md/dsk/d51 44G 26G 18G 60% /bkp

It’s mounted on a soft partition

root@solaris:~ # metastat d51
d51: Soft Partition
Device: d5
State: Okay
Size: 93298688 blocks (44 GB)
Extent Start Block Block count
0 20981760 10485760
1 54536288 82812928

d5: Concat/Stripe
Size: 143349312 blocks (68 GB)
Stripe 0:
Device Start Block Dbase State Reloc Hot Spare
c1t2d0s2 0 No Okay Yes

Device Relocation Information:
Device Reloc Device ID
c1t2d0 Yes id1,sd@SSEAGATE_ST373307LSUN72G_3HZ9R8BN00007523GZY7

Here I attach a LUN to metadevice d5

root@solaris:~ # metattach d5 /dev/rdsk/emcpower33c
d5: component is attached

Now d5 have an internal disk and a LUN from storage

root@solaris:~ # metastat -p d5
d5 2 1 c1t2d0s2 \
1 /dev/dsk/emcpower33c

Here is the command to increase the soft partition

root@solaris:~ # metattach d51 10g
d51: Soft Partition has been grown

After you increase the soft partition, you need to increase the filesystem with growfs

root@solaris:~ # growfs -M /bkp /dev/md/rdsk/d51
/dev/md/rdsk/d51: Unable to find Media type. Proceeding with system determined parameters.
Warning: 5376 sector(s) in last cylinder unallocated
/dev/md/rdsk/d51: 116367360 sectors in 11436 cylinders of 24 tracks, 424 sectors
56820,0MB in 1144 cyl groups (10 c/g, 49,69MB/g, 6016 i/g)
super-block backups (for fsck -F ufs -o b=#) at:
32, 102224, 204416, 306608, 408800, 510992, 613184, 715376, 817568, 919760,
Initializing cylinder groups:
super-block backups for last 10 cylinder groups at:
115401920, 115504112, 115606304, 115708496, 115810688, 115912880, 116015072,
116117264, 116219456, 116321648

root@solaris:~ # df -h /bkp
Filesystem size used avail capacity Mounted on
/dev/md/dsk/d51 55G 26G 28G 48% /bkp