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Configure HP Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II Board (RILOE II) – ILO 1

In an HP Proliant DL380 G3 I had an older iLO.

This version is also called Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II Board (RILOE II)
User guide for HP Remote Insight Lights-Out Edition II Board

The ROM-based setup utility F8 (RBSU F8) allows you to configure RILOE II during server boot-up. RBSU F8 is useful for configuring servers that do not use DNS/DHCP. RBSU F8 is available every time the server is booted. RBSU F8 cannot run remotely.


Reset the password for the user Administrator in HP iLO 2

Create an XML file with the following contents

root@linux:~ # vi passwd_reset_ilo.xml
<ribcl VERSION=”2.0″>
<login USER_LOGIN=”Administrator” PASSWORD=”boguspassword”>
<user_INFO MODE=”write”>
<mod_USER USER_LOGIN=”Administrator”>
<password value=”newpassword”/>

This file will reset the user Administrator with the password newpassword

Download hponcfg going here – http://www.hp.com/support/ilo2

Select the appropriate Linux operating system.
Select Software – Lights-Out Management category.
Select the HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility for Linux .
Select the appropriate version of the HP Lights-Out Online Configuration Utility and click the “download” button.

After installing, run as shown below.

root@linux:~ # hponcfg -f passwd_reset_ilo.xml -l log.txt
HP Lights-Out Online Configuration utility
Version 4.0.1 Date 09/24/2012 (c) Hewlett-Packard Company, 2012
Firmware Revision = 2.01 Device type = iLO 2 Driver name = hpilo
Script succeeded

Source – http://amal.net/?p=1675

HP MP / ILO: Sorry, LAN Console access is currently disabled

When you try to access the Management Processor of an HP Integrity server and receive the message Sorry, LAN Console access is currently disabled

user@hostname:~ $ telnet ilo_ip_address
Connected to
Escape character is ‘^]’.

Sorry, LAN Console access is currently disabled.
Connection to closed by foreign host.

You need to enable telnet and/or ssh according to the picture below. Access using a browser on the same IP address of the MP.
Integrity ILO Access Settings

Discover the IP address of ILO in a HP Integrity server

Example from an HP Integrity RX2660

root@hp-ux:~ # /opt/propplus/bin/cprop -detail -c “Management Processor”

[Component]: Management Processor
[Table]: Management Processor
[Hash ID]: Management Processor:635bdafbx146dde57
< ClassName:HP_ManagementProcessor NameSpace:root/cimv2 >
[ControllerType]: Unknown
[Dedicated]: Management
[CreationClassName]: HP_ManagementProcessor
[Name]: Management Processor
[EnabledState]: Enabled
[OperationalStatus]: OK
[FirmwareRevision]: F.002.026.000
[LEDColour]: 0
[LEDBlinkRate]: 0
[NICCondition]: 2

This following example is a little different. This is to reset a GSP for HP 9000 rp5400 (L1000) Server

root@hp-ux_pa-risc:~ # ioscan -fnC tty
Class I H/W Path Driver S/W State H/W Type Description
tty 0 0/0/4/0 asio0 CLAIMED INTERFACE PCI Serial (103c1048)
/dev/GSPdiag1 /dev/mux0 /dev/tty0p1
/dev/diag/mux0 /dev/tty0p0 /dev/tty0p2
tty 1 0/0/5/0 asio0 CLAIMED INTERFACE PCI Serial (103c1048)
/dev/GSPdiag2 /dev/diag/mux1 /dev/mux1 /dev/tty1p1

root@hp-ux_pa:~ # stty +queryGSP < /dev/GSPdiag1
GSP is functional.

root@hp-ux_pa:~ # stty +resetGSP < /dev/GSPdiag1
GSP reset succeeded.

Connecting to HP iLO using the command line

Just ssh to the IP that you configured the iLO

emerson@shellcore:~ $ ssh emerson@
emerson@’s password:
User:Emerson Takahashi logged-in to ILO_TESTLABHP.(
iLO 2 Advanced Evaluation 1.81 at 11:05:47 Jan 15 2010
Server Name: proliant_g5
Server Power: On


Since I will access through a text terminal, Linux is configured to use the serial port (configured through the file /boot/grub/grub.conf)

hpiLO-> help


help : Used to get context sensitive help.
show : Used to show values of a property or contents of a collection target.
create : Used to create new user account in the name space of the MAP.
Example: create /map1/accounts1 username= password=

delete : Used to delete user account in the name space of the MAP.
Example: delete /map1/accounts1/

load : Used to move a binary image from an URL to the MAP. The URL is
limited to 80 characters
Example : load -source

reset : Used to cause a target to cycle from enabled to disabled and back to

set : Used to set a property or set of properties to a specific value.
start : Used to cause a target to change state to a higher run level.
stop : Used to cause a target to change state to a lower run level.
cd : Used to set the current default target.
Example: cd targetname

exit : Used to terminate the CLP session.
version : Used to query the version of the CLP implementation or other CLP

oemhp_ping : Used to determine if an IP address is reachable from this iLO 2.
Example : oemhp_ping , where is the IP address that you wish
to ping

oemhp_loadSSHKey : Used to authorize a SSH Key File from an URL The URL is
limited to 80 characters
Example : oemhp_loadSSHKey -source http://UserName:password@

HP CLI Commands:

POWER : Control server power.
UID : Control Unit-ID light.
NMI : Generate an NMI.
VM : Virtual media commands.
VSP : Invoke virtual serial port.

Type VSP and you’re in. To login as root you need to include the serial port (in this case ttyS1) on your /etc/securetty file or you will be given the error message that your user or password is wrong.

hpiLO-> VSP

Starting virtual serial port.
Press ‘ESC (‘ to return to the CLI Session.

hpiLO-> Virtual Serial Port active: IO=0x02F8 INT=3

login as:

To exit, press Esc and then ( – left parenthesis

Also Discover HP iLO IP address in Linux


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